• Dr. Hainer, In honor of National Doctors Day. I wanted to give you this gift to let you know how much I have appreciated all you have done for me. It isn't much but hope you enjoy it. Your expertise in helping me to get better the past 4 years has been the best, and will get better. It has been a rough road but you helped me to keep going. I and my family are truly grateful and blessed. I thank god also for guiding yours hands to do their wonderful job. You are the best! You rock! God Bless!

    Alice & Family 5 Star
  • Dr. Hainer, I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how I feel about what you do. You have given me hope when all seemed pretty hopeless. Losing a breast is probably the most devastating thing for any woman. I think you do excellent work and I wish you all the best for the future. God has given you a talent, don't ever waste it.

    Sharon S
  • 5 Star Facebook Review  

    Joanne 5 star FB
  • I was referred to Dr. Hainer by a friend who is also his patient. He did my Mastectomy and breast reconstruction after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. He partners in the O.R.with Dr. Pam Johnson who is a breast Cancer surgeon. He performed a Lat flap with tissue expanders and several fat grafting surgeries. The care I received was above and beyond by Dr. Hainer and his staff. For a plastic surgeon to dedicate his talent and knowledge toward helping Breast Cancer survivors says a lot about his character as a human being. I am grateful to have found he and his staff.  

    Aimee 5 Star
  • I had a face lift and tummy tuck by Dr Hainer in June 2016. The results are amazing! I get tons of compliments everyday and my face looks completely natural. A true artist and a very talented surgeon. I have been a nurse for over 35 years and have worked with 100's of surgeons, so trust me when I tell you, he is good. I have several friends that are planning their touch ups with him. I also, would like to mention how wonderful and attentive his office staff is. Love all of them!!!

    Susan in howell,mi
  • Extremely satisfied with the work Dr. Hainer did. The staff is incredibly friendly! Whenever I go in for an appointment I am treated with respect. Don't every hesitate to call if you have a question or any concern. I called a lot the first week home and they were always willing to make sure my questions were answered. The one nurse Lisa was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. Highly recommend Dr. Hainer!

    Ashlina M.
  • Dr. Hainer and Staff, I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support during the past year. I found out about your office through a referral from my surgeon. After I learned about my breast cancer, my first goal was to get better. You were all a part of that from the beginning. I met with your office prior to my mastectomy and each of you treated me with kindness and respect. During this past year, I have had appointments with my oncologist, MAM technician, gynecologist and I met many nurses at the hospital. Each of them has either been a patient of yours, or knows someone who has been. They asked me who did my reconstruction and when I tell them "Dr. Hainer", they say, "I woundn't be able to tell you if you had a bad doctor, but I can tell you that you have a great doctor, and so are all of the girls in his office." I have had MAM technicians and other doctors comment on how great the reconstruction looks, adding that they have seen work from other doctors that doesn't look as good. It was so nice to hear all of those great things about you and I wanted to share them with all of you. I would also like to thank each of you for your kindness, support and patience with my worries and questions. Warmest Regards.

  • Dr. Hainer, It is with warmth and heartfelt gratitude that I write to you today. I have had a lifelong dream fulfilled by your magical touch. No longer will I feel self conscious about my nose. I will gladly and proudly stand in front of a camera for the first time in my life. What a wonderful feeling!! Three other surgeons failed to do what you did in 40 minutes. I will be forever grateful to you. Respectfully  Septoplasty, Turbinectomy

  • Dr. Hainer & Staff, Words cannot express how wonderful you all have been to me. I was so scared and you calmed me down and led me on this amazing year, long journey of hope and gratitude.

  • Dr. Hainer and Staff, It's been just over a year since my surgery and everything is great. I just want to thank you for everything. I don't know what I can say to the person who changed my life except thanks.

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